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Years Of Exprience

We Are Cypress

Your experts in quality mineral ingredients, committed to supplying you with the products and services for success.


Our Story

Manufacturing quality ingredients for the nutraceutical industry with optimal, global wellness in mind was the genesis for Cypress Systems, Inc. We believe that investing in clinical research and utilizing the most advanced technology in science is the only way to achieve this. 

Since its inception, Cypress’s primary focus has been perfecting the process of fermentation for organically bound minerals to yeast, creating natural, food-form minerals easily absorbed by the body. Among the ingredients developed through this process was a high selenium yeast at 1200 ppm - SelenoExcell®’.  

SelenoExcell®’s bioavailability and effectiveness changed the oncology world’s view of a nutritional agent’s role on cancer prevention based on results from an NCI-funded Prevention of Cancer Trial in 1995. Since its establishment in the market and FDA GRAS status acquisition in 2009, it has been trusted in formulations for prostate, thyroid, brain, immune, maternal, infant health, and more. 

And our efforts don’t end there! With the same high-quality standard at the forefront, Cypress expanded into the chelated mineral market with its fully reacted line of products, TheCHELATES, in 2020. Our commitment to pioneering global wellness drives our vision of supporting a healthier world through global access to high-quality nutrition remains strong. 

Gtf Excell Chromium Yeast

Our Team

Paul A. Willis

Founder & CEO

Cypress Systems, Inc. was founded on purpose-driven core values of integrity, generosity, and positive “dream big” enthusiasm in 1995, and it has had a profound, global impact beyond my imagination. It served as one of the avenues of fulfilling my life’s purpose of empowering others to be A.B.L.E. (Achieve Best Life Experience).  

After over 25 years of building and growing Cypress, I’ve recently shifted my focus on investing more time in the company's 501(c)(3) non-profit recently re-branded as A Thousand Plus, which embodies the global work in maternal/infant malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, and At-Risk Youth.  

I am grateful for all that my life has been blessed with, including my wife of 48 years, our three grown sons Joshua, Jordan, and Jacob, three amazing daughters-in-law, and six precious grandchildren. 

Michelle Martin

President & COO

Being a leader has been a part of my resume for most of my career, and it is fueled by a passion for building high-performance teams, growing profits, and exceptional customer experience.  Keeping my finger on the pulse of changing economies, expanding expenses, advancing technologies, and evolving mindsets are challenges I embrace in my role as President and COO of Cypress Systems, Inc. 
My career experience expands across academia, commercial lighting, manufacturing, and retail. Now, I’m honored to be a part of an industry which I have been a passionate consumer of for over 30 years - health and wellness. 
I am most fulfilled when involved in making the world a better place. Whatever the medium - health, wellness, service, or design - improving the world and impacting lives completes me. Finding that fulfillment professionally and personally fuels my purpose-driven life and stands as my measurement of true success. 

Sierra Jacobsen

Customer Experience & Production Manager

Health is wealth and motion is lotion! I believe happiness stems from taking the best care of the vehicle in which we move through life – our bodies – though intentional movement and nutrition. I am so grateful for the knowledge and resources I have been exposed to with Cypress and the nutraceutical industry for my own health and those I have the privilege of serving.  

I have always given my all for every opportunity and endeavor that has come my way, as a student at Fresno State, a marketing professional, and now a Customer Experience & Production Manager at Cypress. The impact of kind and compassionate customer service, and the importance of care in production details remain at the forefront of everything I do in my role.  

If I can empower my team to find confidence in their work, embrace their own leadership potential, and realize their individual impact, then I know I’ve empowered success which knows no limits!  

Our Team

We are committed to getting quality nutrition to those that cannot afford it. Our non-profit A Thousand Plus is actively supporting pregnant women and their children in Africa and South America by providing the quality supplements they need to survive and thrive.