Zinc Bisglycinate

Fully-Reacted Chelated Mineral

Zinc bisglycinate, a chelated form of zinc, has been shown to have improved absorption and bioavailability compared to other forms of zinc. [i]

Zinc bisglycinate and zinc glycinate refer to the same mineral. Zinc bisglycinate is the chemical or scientific name of this form of zinc.

The zinc bisglycinate produced by Cypress Ingredients is fully chelated, which increases its bioavailability in the body. Fully reacted, chelated minerals remain covalently bonded and can be properly absorbed and used by the body. Additionally they do not disassociate in the stomach’s acidic environment.

Fully reacted mineral ingredients, such as our zinc bisglycinate are up to four times more bioavailable, with less inhibition by other minerals, and have fewer potential side effects.


What is Zinc Bisglycinate?


Zinc bisglycinate is chelated or bound to two glycine molecules. The chelation process improves the absorption and bioavailability of the mineral.

Because zinc bisglycinate is more readily absorbed and easier on the digestive system than other forms of zinc, it is a popular ingredient in supplements. 1 ‡

Zinc Bisglycinate Research Data

Research on zinc bisglycinate and zinc highlights potential positive health outcomes: 1, 5, 6, 7, ‡

A bioavailability study involving 12 healthy female volunteers yielded positive results for zinc bisglycinate in a comparison between zinc bisglycinate and zinc glycinate. The study results showed increased oral bioavailability of zinc bisglycinate was 43.4% higher than zinc gluconate.

A review of randomized controlled trials concluded that zinc supplementation may maintain healthy blood sugar already within normal range.

A comparative study of 30 healthy females monitoring absorption of zinc bisglycinate and zinc gluconate for six weeks, showed people in the zinc bisglycinate group had on average higher zinc blood levels.

Some research suggests that zinc supplementation may positively impact health and wellness in young adults.

Recommended Daily Allowance of Zinc

Males aged 19+: 11 mg

Females aged 19+: 8 mg

Females aged 19+ who are pregnant: 11 mg

Females aged 19+ who are breast feeding: 12 mg

Applications for Zinc Bisglycinate

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Benefits of Zinc Bisglycinate

The potential benefits of zinc bisglycinate and zinc may include: 2, 3, 4, 8, ‡

Providing immune system function support.

Supporting fetal, infant, childhood, and adolescence growth and development.

Digestive support

Supports DNA and bone production

Involved in sense of smell and taste.

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